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Bikinis with print

Every year Beachlife brings swimwear in new prints and colors. The prints are designed by the styling team and that is why they are unique. Beachlife is known for the trendy prints in cool color combinations. This collection you will find beautiful prints in many different styles!

Floral print bikini's

In the collection you will find various flower prints of bikinis. The California Poppies series consists of poppies in different colors on a black background. The dark background makes the colors of the flowers look beautiful and a colorful and summery print is created.

The Enchanted Island series is also a real eyecatcher. With a green base color with beautiful plants / flowers in bright colors, a jungle feeling is created.

Are you looking for a slightly sweeter print? Then the flowers series Blossom Boutique is for you! This floral print is minimalist and, due to the color combination, special to see. The colors flow beautifully into each other!

Animal print

Animal print is the trend of this moment. Beachlife has this collection a subtle Cheetah print in the collection. With the matching name Cheetah, the items in the collection have an all-over Cheetah print in black, on a taupe background.

Striped print swimwear

Dash prints are always good. Also this season you will find several striped prints back in the Beachlife swimwear collection. Both vertical and horizontal stripes, two-tone or multi-colored! For example the print Taupe Stripe or Candy Stripe.

Handmade print

The Geo Cali series is a black / white print. This handmade print has a white basic color with black spots in different shapes. Special about this print is that this print is hand-drawn by the Beachlife stylist!

Do you prefer a uni color? Then view the Sugar Coral or Directoire Blue series!

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