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Side tie

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Side tie

Looking for side tie bikini bottoms? Beachlife has several bikini bottoms with ties on the side. Beachlife bikini bottoms sit a little lower on the hips. The side ties allow you to determine how tight or loose you wear the bikini bottom and prevent it from cutting into your thighs.

Side tie bikini bottom

The side tie bikini bottom is a great looking bikini bottom. What is important to remember is that the bigger the bikini bottoms, the bigger the buttocks will look. So with these smaller bikini bottoms with their refined bows on the side not only make the bikini bottom look small, but also your whole 'bum'. Also go for a matching bikini top or swimsuit! There is often the fear of opting for a side tie bikini bottom because of the fear for an appearing 'muffintop'. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because with big, sturdy bikini bottoms in particular, creating a small roll here or there is not that difficult. So ladies, don't hesitate and order a smaller pair of bikini bottoms to complete your bikini set!

Side tie bikini bottoms with adjustable drawstrings

If you are going to sunbathe, of course it's nice to do in a smaller bikini bottom. If you go canoeing for an afternoon, it might be a bit more comfortable with a little more support. But the fact remains that a smaller bikini bottom makes for a smaller behind. The ties can also be adjusted into larger bows, so you can choose to wear them wider and higher or you can wear them tighter and more at the hip. And no, you don't have to be super slim for a side tie bikini bottom, a curvier lady also looks great in them. The side tie bikini bottoms are available in different colours and prints. You will find them in sizes 36 to 42. View all colours and prints here.