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brand story

You want to enjoy life. And to be self-confident in everything you do. Whether you’re at home, at work, in the city or at the beach.


We understand just how important the right outfit is in all those places. And how this affects the way you come across, your self-confidence and your identity.


It’s only logical that you pay attention to this – and want to look stylish, sporty or trendy.


Most of the time, this is easy-peasy for you. You are a fashion-conscious woman, after all. You know what looks good on you. But in a world that offers so many choices there is always uncertainty lurking nearby. Particularly if this is about swimwear, when you are just about as naked as you can be.


It is precisely then you want every detail to be perfect. The fabric. The print. The design. And, above all, the fit and the comfort. You want a bikini that gives you exactly the right support and stays perfectly in place. No matter your body shape or what you plan to do.


And that is precisely what Beachlife offers. Fashionable, unique bikinis and swimsuits with the fit of your dreams. For more than forty years, you have been able to rely on each collection bringing you a perfect fit that was tried and tested; on models whose body type perfectly matches your own.


And still, every collection is different in a surprising, new way. With trendy prints and sophisticated designs that suit your personality like no other.


So that you can be your exuberant self, without any effort. And so that nothing will keep you back from enjoying the sun, the sea and the beach!


Shine on.


Beachlife. Feel the fit.