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Anne Stikvoort

29 april 2020



The holidays are just around the corner! Unfortunately, all tropical trips have been canceled and we all have to stay at home this year. But.. that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun! This time you don’t have to work from home or homeschool your kids but you can just relax or do fun activities with the kids. Enjoy your sunny days off and most importantly: stay at home!



After a few days of relaxation, you might get a bit bored. Don’t worry, there are plenty of useful and/or fun things to do at home! We have already listed some tips for you:

1. Freshen up your home a little or go all the way and clean your entire house. Due to our daily busy lives, we cannot always afford to keep the house all tidy and clean. Now is the perfect time for that!

2. Time to redecorate! When the house is super clean again, this is also a really great excuse to redecorate your favorite spots of the house. Or brighten up your home office with cool interior must-haves. This way, when you have to go back to work, you have a clean and exciting new working environment!

3. Picnic time! Unfortunately, we are currently unable to eat out, but picnicking in the house or garden is also a nice (and cheaper) alternative. Pick out some of your favorite recipes online, go to the grocery store (this is nowadays already an activity itself) and prepare the yummiest snacks together with your family, lover or housemates. To complete your picnic experience, you can create a cute place with blankets, pillows and colorful flowers. Or make it extra cozy with candles or lights in the evening. Is it too cold outside? Then make it an indoor picnic!

4. Don’t feel like showing off in the kitchen? Another option is to pick up a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant #supportyourlocals. This still gives you a bit of that holiday feeling of not having to cook yourself, and you also contribute to the catering industry during this crisis!

5. With this beautiful weather you can also create a very comfy place in the garden for sunbathing. We don’t need the beach at all! Grab your cutest beach towel and bikini, get some beautiful palms for the tropical vibes and let the sun do its work. And don’t forget to make yourself a delicious cocktail! The perfect bikini top for sunbathing is by far the multiway bikini top . The straps are removable so you don’t have any white tan lines after sunbathing!




The holiday isn’t any fun when you have kids running around that are bored. That is why we have listed some kids-proof tips below for a successful holiday at home!

1. Sleepover time! A great idea for the whole family is a sleepover in the living room. To make it extra fun you can also set up a tent or build a family fort with rugs, pillows and chairs together with the kids. With many mattresses and pillows on the floor, a great movie and popcorn, the kids will have the best night of their lives!

2. Most kids cannot sit still while enjoying the sun. When temperatures are rising fast, the only solution is a water fight! Buy some water balloons, water guns, turn on the sprinklers and the party can begin! The perfect swimsuit for such a water fight with the kids is our Bright Rose bow swimsuit. In this swimsuit you can run around while everything is kept perfectly in place. Extra fun: you can get the same swimsuit for your little girl, because twinning is winning! Is this swimsuit not really your thing? Don’t worry, you can find more twinning mini items here!



3. A fun activity that will keep your kids active in this sunny weather is painting the fence. No not with real paint of course, but with water! Grab a bucket of water and a brush and let them ‘’paint’’ the fence. Are they finished? The first part of the fence will be dry and ready for the second layer. Just think about how many glasses of wine you can drink in the sun during this activity!

4. Is it chilly outside or have you seen enough sun? Bake some cookies or a delicious cake together! Too much effort? Decorating cupcakes with your kids is an easier option. You will have something tasty as a result too!

5. Encourage your kids to organize a great playback show, dance performance or circus show. We bet they will have lots of fun creating and performing the shows!

6. Be creative! Make clothes from garbage bags, paint together, make paper mache from those old newspapers or let the kids create their own art. This also prevents your kids from watching tv or gaming all day.

Hopefully these tips come in handy, we hope that you will enjoy your staycation at home to the fullest! Andd.. if you are still bored, you can always hunt for the perfect swimwear on our website! View our new SS20 collection here.