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Anne Stikvoort

13 februari 2023


Yessss, the new swimwear season has started! You’re totally happy with your fancy new Beachlife bikini or swimsuit for the upcoming summer period or your tropical getaway. Of course it would be such a waste if your newest score would last less longer or wears out faster because you, for example, wash it in a wrong way. Sunscreen, sweat, sunlight, chlorine and salt water can also lead to faster wear and discolouration of your swimwear. To ensure that your bikini or swimsuit will last longer, we have put together a number of useful tips & tricks for washing and maintaining your swimwear!


1. Always follow the instructions on the washing label.

2. Preferably wash your bikini or swimsuit by hand in cold water with just a tiny bit of delicate detergent. Note: make sure that the detergent is well dissolved in the water before you start washing.

3. Never use any fabric softener, because this will discolour you swimwear even faster.

4. Does your bikini or swimsuit have a delicate fabric, print or decoration such as beads and/or stones? Try to wash your swimwear inside out by hand to prevent any possible damage.

5. Let op: doe je bikini of badpak nooit in de droger! Ook moet je je swimwear nooit uitwringen. Leg deze liever plat neer om te laten drogen op bijvoorbeeld een handdoek (doe dit echter nooit in direct zonlicht om vervorming en verkleuring te voorkomen!).



1. Do not wear the same bikini or swimsuit every day, but try to vary your swimwear regularly to avoid discolouration and wear. Spandex is a memory yarn, which is why your swimwear needs at least 24 hours to dry and return to its original shape.

2. Wear spots, black spots and discolorations are mostly the result of sunscreen, sweat, chlorine, salt water, sand or sunlight. Therefore you should always clean your swimwear with cold water after use as quickly as possible to prevent any discolouration and/or damage.

3. Try to avoid rough surfaces such as a stone beach or pool edge or use a towel as a surface to sit on and protect your swimwear.

4. Sunscreen can cause ugly discolorations. Therefore, try to apply your sunscreen at least half an hour before wearing your swimwear, so that it can first absorb into your skin and release less on your bikini or swimsuit. When you want to apply more sunscreen during tanning or after swimming, don’t forget to be really careful! For example, try to lift the edges of your swimwear while applying sunscreen.

5. Are you going to do a sporty activity (such as rafting or canyoning) or visiting a water fun park? Then please don’t put on your newest, most beautiful bikini to prevent any possible damage.

6. Hot tubs also happen to be very bad for the condition of your swimwear. Therefore, rather wear an older bikini or swimsuit or clean it with cold water as soon as possible after you leave the hot tub.

7. Never use an iron to get wrinkles out of your swimwear (the high temperature can cause your bikini or swimsuit to fall apart), but hand wash it again using cold water.

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